why use oneframe fabric lightboxes & signage?

Wednesday August 14, 2019 08:49

There are so many reasons why OneFrame is so popular;

Completely customisable - whatever floor, wall or mid-air space you want dressed, we can deliver a OneFrame solution. Single-sided, for a simple and very versatile solution; double-sided for twice the exposure or dual-purpose media wall; retrofit for flush installations that need no structural profile but utilise an existing cavity or window; or bespoke for 1,2 or 3-dimensional objects, curves and lightbox treatment.

Illumination – it’s no secret people are drawn to light and illumination lifts a structure turning it from signage to art. By far the most popular application of OneFrame are our lightboxes and these can be delivered across any size or shape. Depending on the design we can use edge lights, curtains and clamp on spotlights.

Easy to install – no need to book an install team or pencil in half a day for pack in, OneFrame solutions are intuitive to put together. And when it’s time to changeout the graphics, no tools needed! The existing skin can be removed quickly and easily with a simple pull of the discreet tag and then the new fabric is easily inserted into a channel groove around the edge of the frame.

Un-matched lead-time – we know how to work to tight deadlines and deliver. Give us your deadline and we’ll give you a complete OneFrame system delivered in just days! 

Cost effective – just one frame can deliver years of campaigns and multiple executions. The lightweight framing system reduces freighting costs, and in fact when compared with a like-for-like traditional execution it can save you between 65-85% in weight and shipping bills.  And the reusable frame can be the basis for multiple executions, meaning savings on installation and on-going change out costs.

Environmentally friendly choice – the inks we use in our dye sublimation printing are water-based, the paper is recyclable and our frames are extruded from aluminium which is recyclable.

Dye sublimation printing - offers a more vibrant colour, no creasing and an eco-friendly option compared to traditional processes. It delivers high definition results while maintaining fabric integrity – the perfect mix of both art and science.

No minimum order quantity – whether you want one or 100 we are happy to fulfil your order. We have a no minimum order quantity so you can order exactly what you need for a specific environment and application.

Locally manufactured, owned and operated - our aluminium frames have been designed in New Zealand and extruded locally on demand. The graphics are produced in-house and our phones are answered by us in either our offices in Auckland or factory in Tauranga. OneFrame is freighted as a flat-packed solution that can be shipped anywhere from Cape Reinga to the Bluff with a raft of logistics providers available.

why use oneframe fabric lightboxes & signage?