what is silicone edge graphics?

Wednesday October 16, 2019 16:52

Silicone edge graphics (SEG) are everywhere you turn to these days.

You’ll see these in the form of fabric signage, retail fabric signage, retail fabric lightboxes, and others. While timely advertising presents huge opportunities for brands and businesses, the increasing speed of our fast-paced world and the lost art of concentration mean your ads should attract attention before it does anything else.

Small businesses, therefore, have to stretch their small advertising budgets to make big impacts. And that’s where low-budget high-impact advertising options like silicone edge graphics come in.

What are silicone edge graphics?

Silicone edge graphics are a super-affordable and highly durable large format graphic found on many custom displays from retail stores to hotels, tradeshows, offices, etc. They are basically a high-resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphic with a thin silicone strip sewn into the edges of the graphic.

The most impressive attributes of SEG is the photographic quality of the print that guarantees a faultless finish, a vivid print that pops out, and the borderless edge-to-edge design that helps to maximize every inch of space for advertisement.

How silicone edge graphics work

Much of the qualities of SEG come from the thin silicone strip that is sewn directly into the graphic.

The process involves dye-sublimation printing, using a special tension fabric. The graphics will be printed on the fabric with the silicone strip sewn directly into it.  After the graphic is displayed in the frame, the fabric stays taut and the flexible silicone strips form recessed grooves. This leaves you with a stunning seamless display with a frameless appearance in a sleek and crease-free fabric.

A no-brainer for image-heavy campaigns!

Emotive visual imagery is one of the most effective persuasive tools in advertising. This is the culture on which Instagram and Pinterest have been built. You need the best forms of imagery to transcend barriers to engagement and distraction. Silicone edge graphics will help you maximize visual communication so you can get the most out of your advertising dollars.

SEG helps you ensure the display is all about your image. The image will be super sleek and splash on every available space on the fabric. Dye-sublimation and SEG will help you get vibrant edge-to-edge prints with vivid colors and no border.

What does the dye-sublimation printing process look like?

The secret sauce of dye-sub printing is how it perfectly blends both art and science.

This secret is why the process not only delivers the best high-definition imagery you can find around but also maintains fabric integrity. This process involves the use of heat and pressure to transfer ink directly embedded into the fabric. This is the mechanism by which dye-sub is used to create vibrant, near-photographic, and fade-resistant images on fabric for signage, banners, retail fabric lightboxes, and more.

It is a purely environmentally-friendly process.

While the inks we use are water-based, the paper is also recyclable, and the process does not release any harmful substance into the environment. It’s a sublimation process that converts solid to gas and then gas to solid, without forming liquid at any point.

Our expertise and professionalism are second to none and we guarantee impressive color reproduction. With the resources, experience, and expertise at our disposal, you can always count on us for the highest possible resolution for your silicone edge graphics needs from retail fabric signages, retail fabric lightboxes, and all other fabric printing needs.

Key Benefits of Silicone Edge Graphics

There is a lot to love about SEG.

Here are just a few of the impressive qualities

  • No-glare image: the anti-reflective nature of SEG means your image can be seen clearly from every angle.
  • Eye-catching vibrant colors: the dye-sub process keeps image colors bright and crisp. The high-resolution means your images are vibrant and robust and can easily attract attention.
  • Space maximization: the borderless edge-to-edge design means your image, message, and the entire print is splashed on the fabric with no area left to waste, not even for frames or borders.
  • Smooth and sleek: SEG graphics are as modern and sophisticated as they get. The pictures are super smooth with no wrinkle or distortion thanks to the tautness of the fabric print within the frame.
  • Cost-effectiveness: the images can be easily swapped out and shipping is inexpensive.
  • Handling and installation: anyone can easily install the fabric print and since they are very lightweight, they can be stored and handled quite easily.
  • Versatility: SEGs can be customized for a variety of profiles with different shapes and sizes.

Do you have to stick to a particular frame size?

Of course not!

Your choice of silicone edge fabric is not limited to a particular size or shape. Whether you need double-sided, lit, or whatever your space needs and other requirements, we can always customize this to fit your space.

Are these for posters only?

The flexibility of silicone edge graphics is second to none. While we can handle SEG for poster displays, we can also leverage this expertise for a range of different formats from media walls to fabric lightboxes, tabletop displays, backdrops, dividers, exhibition displays, as well as for use at POS. SEG has a wide application in commercial establishments from sports venues to hotels, offices, and more.

What about swapping out graphics?

Just about anybody can change or swap SEG.

Our graphics usually come with a small concealed tag in the bottom-right corner. You can pull this effortlessly and the fabric will easily start coming out of the frame. It only takes a few seconds and there’s no significant risk of damage.

To replace with the new graphic, you can start by inserting it into the frame from the corners and then to the center. This is super simple!

Maximize ad dollars with SEG!

Maximizing advertising dollars is always a priority when you don’t have the deep pockets of some of the world’s largest corporations. And SEG should rank high on your list of cost-effective signage options.

The fabric signage material is lightweight but tougher and more rugged compared to paper. While shipping is also quite inexpensive, storage (folding) is also very easy, too.

SEG may be what you need to bolster your brand awareness and campaign.

The sharp and pristine finish coupled with the vibrancy of the print will help your ads attract attention effortlessly. The hardy nature means it won’t fade easily, won’t succumb to wear and tear.  This makes silicone edge graphics via dye-sublimation one of the most cost-effective signage options available today. 

Are you considering SEG to step up your marketing tools and techniques?

Perhaps you’re new to all of these and would like to see what value this can bring to your business. Whatever the case may be, you can contact us at OneFrame today for all of your high-quality silicone edge graphics needs.


what is silicone edge graphics?