3-dimentional frame

Hanging 3D lightbox frame in retail store
3 dimensional frame in pop-up container store
3D suspended fabric frame signage in retail store
3D angled fabric frames in retail store
3-D frame sign hanging from ceiling at an exhibiti
3 D suspended shoe sign

3-dimentional frame

Bespoke shapes and forms are easily achieved with OneFrame's range of uniquely designed profiles and knuckles. Turning something from 1-dimensional into a 3-dimensional fabric tension object is powerful, not only does it attract more attention but it increases the branding area three-fold. 

3D executions are favoured for suspended overhead signage in exhibition and retail environments. Add in lightbox style illumination and the easy change SEG silicone edge replacement textile graphics and you’ll have everyone looking up.

Used in the following industry sectors:

  • big box retail
  • fashion
  • health & beauty
  • banking
  • sports & leisure
  • oil & gas
  • automotive
  • healthcare & wellness
  • telecommunications
  • events & exhibition
  • government
  • education
  • museums & galleries
  • corporate
  • hospitality
  • residential
  • travel & tourism
  • food & beverage
  • aged care
  • industrial & commercial
  • food & grocery
  • transport & public services
  • entertainment

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