double-sided frame

Double-sided fabric lightbox sign in airport
Two-sided exhibition display stand
Double-sided suspended graphic retail sign
Double-sided POS window signage
Two-sided fabric display frame for retail mall
Double-sided free standing fabric display panel

double-sided frame

The double-sided range of OneFrame fabric signage and lightbox solutions offer the greatest “bang for buck”. Double-sided displays grab double the attention! These can be free-standing, suspended or even retro-fitted depending on the application. As standard, two-sided displays are supplied with a pair of feet while various base options are also available to suit.  

Two-sided OneFrame is very popular as a media wall delivering the ideal celebrity photo backdrop or event signage option delivering twice the amount of information to twice the amount of people. Also super-effective in the exhibition environment as free-standing branded petitioning walls, simultaneously educating those on your stand and those walking by.

Popular in the following industries:

  • big box retail
  • fashion
  • health & beauty
  • banking
  • education
  • museums & galleries
  • corporate
  • hospitality
  • sports & leisure
  • oil & gas
  • automotive
  • healthcare & wellness
  • telecommunications
  • events & exhibition
  • government
  • residential
  • travel & tourism
  • food & beverage
  • aged care
  • industrial & commercial
  • food & grocery
  • transport & public services
  • entertainment

So no matter the location or size, talk to us about how double-sided OneFrame fabric signage and lightbox displays can work for your application.