illuminated lightbox frame

Illuminated lightbox frame in mall display
Light-box signage in retail shop window
Illuminated lightbox fabric graphics for window
Illuminated silicone edge graphics window display
Illuminated fabric frame in retail store
Curved fabric lightbox signage

illuminated lightbox frame

Humans are attracted to light and signage solutions are no exceptions. Whether it’s a single-sided display, or a multi-sided fully illuminated shape or form, the light will lift any execution and draw people's attention to your message.

With our purpose-built OneFrame LED lighting strips, our lightboxes can deliver clear, even and bright lighting to the entire graphic area. Our LED lighting really is environmentally frugal with long life, low power and low heat the old lightboxes really are obsolete in almost every way.

The most widespread application is within retail as there is no easier, more vibrant and cost-effective solution than a lightbox. Forget old laminated paper prints though... dye-sublimation printed fabric or SEG (silicone edge graphics) is the only choice today thanks to its durability, compact crease-resistance, easy-of-change, and visual presentation when illuminated.

In retail, it’s all about grabbing attention. Disrupting the consumer as they meander through the mall is the key objective. And one of the best ways to do this? With light, or more specifically OneFrame fabric lightboxes. With a raft of hardware options available specific to fabric lightboxes, we are sure to manufacture and supply a suitably bright display solution to meet your brief, no matter how outrageous.  It is also not unusual to see a lightbox solution delivered through a bespoke design and build delivery within the exhibition arena.

Used in the following industry sectors:

  • big box retail
  • fashion
  • health & beauty
  • banking
  • sports & leisure
  • events & exhibition
  • government
  • education
  • museums & galleries
  • corporate
  • hospitality
  • residential
  • travel & tourism
  • oil & gas
  • automotive
  • healthcare & wellness
  • telecommunications
  • food & beverage
  • aged care
  • industrial & commercial
  • food & grocery
  • transport & public services
  • entertainment

Any complexity or size... if you would like to talk more about our illuminated fabric lightboxes, its intended application and finishing please feel free to contact our team for assistance.