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oneframe explained

OneFrame is the ultimate New Zealand made fabric tension display system; lightweight, easy to use, modern, affordable and sustainable. It uses a contemporary, sleek aluminium frame with interchangeable fabric skins stretched to perfectly fit the custom-built frames.

The OneFrame system is made up of a range of carefully designed recyclable aluminium profiles for countless applications, sizes and design possibilities. This lightweight framing system is then paired with vibrant and precisely printed stretch fabric skins, using a dye sublimation process. These skins can be changed and replaced, quickly, easily and with minimal cost, making this system a sustainably focused signage solution as well as a cost-effective option against traditional brandframe solutions.

The New Zealand made frames are completely customisable to fit your floor, wall or suspended in the air. Single-sided for a simple and very versatile solution, double-sided for twice the exposure or dual-purpose media wall, retrofit for flush installations that need no structural profile but utilise an existing cavity or window, bespoke for 1, 2 or 3-dimensional objects, curves and lightbox treatment. The lightbox, our most popular product, can be delivered across any of these sizes or shapes and the illumination lifts the structure turning it from signage to art.

The quick-build and ergonomic OneFrame products make it possible to do more with fewer installers and decreased shipping volumes. Changing out the dye-sublimated fabric skins takes just seconds and requires no tools or training with OneFrame Silicone Edge Fabric Graphic System (SEG). The fabric has a sewn silicone welt around its perimeter that is easily inserted into a channel groove around the edge of the frame.

Size-dependent, the frame can either be preassembled or assembled onsite, can be wall-mounted or suspended as a barrisol ceiling fixture. The most common uses range from a big mural backdrop for an exhibition space through to large wall coverings or poster systems in traditional retail environments. Feet can be added to the frame to create a freestanding backdrop.

Because we are a local manufacturer, we supply all our clients with overnight proofs and an un-matched production lead-time. Traditional signage solutions don’t come close to OneFrame’s agile display systems that deliver an impactful, crease-less solution that gets noticed every time.